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Lee Dynes Music

"Dynes is a wonderful writer and guitarist and his original tunes feature both his progressive compositional voice and his acrobatic guitar playing…" The BIRN, Boston, MA, 2011


"Dynes' guitar work roars across  traditional jazz guidelines. You can hear the Metallica he listened to during his boyhood in the way he makes his hollow-body electric sound like an entire band."  The Isthmus Daily, Madison, WI, 2010

"Lee Dynes wasted no time making a name for himself on the local jazz scene..."  Boston, MA, 2011

"Lee Dynes seems to have found a wonderful balance between 'straight ahead' tradition and 'fusion' revolution in his musical collaborations."  The BIRN, Boston, MA. 5/2011

"I had heard about this young, gifted guitarist, then when I heard Lee play, I was just amazed at his ability, his knowledge of the instrument."   Dayton Daily News, 2008