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Private and Group Lessons
Lee gives private lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced level students.  Instruments taught include; Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Oud, and Ukulele.  Contemporary and traditional music theory may also be taught in lessons.  Group lessons are also available.

Lee's approach to teaching caters to the individual.  The students personal goals and skills are assessed in the beginning and on an ongoing basis to determine how the lessons will proceed.  Developing a tactile relationship to the instrument through regular play is of utmost importance.  Repetoire from various different traditions is introduced to expose the student to different forms of music.  Improvisation and composition are also utilized to engage in creative exploration of the instrument.
An interested student can schedule one lesson or may schedule weekly sessions.
Please email lee@leedynes.com for information on location and fees.
Clinics for large groups of any ages combined with performance and discussion about the music. Lee has successfully led clinics and master classes for students K-12, high school music students, and with collegiate music departments. Please email for more information and references.