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Guitarist, improviser, composer, and educator Lee Dynes was born in Dayton, OH in 1989.  After trying violin and trumpet, Dynes settled on the guitar around age 10.   After playing a host of popular and folk styles for a few years, Dynes discovered the rich tradition of American Jazz and Bebop.   While still in middle school, Dynes began studying and playing with seasoned veterans of the Dayton jazz scene.  While still in high school, Dynes had played hundreds of gigs and won a few youth awards.  He won the guitar chair for the Gibson/Baldwin Grammy Foundation Big-Band, as well as the ASCAP Young Jazz Composers Award.  After receiving a scholarship to attend Berklee College of Music, Dynes left for Boston.

            During his time in Boston, Dynes played and studied with East Coast legends such as Mick Goodrick, Hal Crook, George Garzone, Tim Miller, David Gilmore, and many others.  He was also exposed to many other musical traditions during this time.  The music of India (Hindustani and Carnatic), Middle Eastern Maqam, and twentieth century “classical” music (Bartok, Stravisnky, and Schoenberg) were all sounds that Dynes was exposed to.

            After graduating from Berklee, Dynes moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Upon arriving, Dynes began teaching privately and playing with great local musicians.  This is when he started the Lee Dynes Trio, featuring Nick DeRyss on drums and Tommy O’Mahoney on bass.  The trio plays original compositions of Dynes as well as jazz standards, free improvisation, and other styles.  This is also when Dynes began playing the fretless guitar, where he received private instruction in Hindustani music from Alam Khan, at the Ali Akbar College of Music.  In addition to guitar and fretless guitar, Dynes also has taken up the Oud, and instrument used in Middle-eastern Maqam and Persian Radif Musics.  He has studied the Radif music of Iran from master Pezham Akhvass.  He also plays the mandolin and electric bass.

            In the time Dynes has arrived on the Bay Area music scene, he has gone from an original jazz guitarist to a mature musician who draws from an extreme range of styles and influences.  From the anglo-American folk musics of Fiddle, Country, Old-Time, and Bluegrass passed on by his father, to the sounds of Near and Far East, Dynes’ style is to defy traditional boundaries.  Combined with his jazz training and appetite for free improvisation, Dynes’ is continually searching for a new, open-minded approach.  Dynes hopes to tap into the universal world of sound that all humans share, in an effort to connect with those we might not otherwise connect with.  Please be on the lookout for the debut Lee Dynes Trio recording, “Pathways”, due for release this year!